Under a cherry blossom tree

The grass is bright green, the sky’s bright grey, and the weekend is finally here. Earlier in the week, on our first or second day, someone told us that if we weren’t incredibly relieved to see Friday arrive, they hadn’t done their job right.

They definitely did their job right.

I’m lucky, actually—I started on the same day as another fellow who will be doing the same job, so we’re going through all the training together. In our spare time, we configure our computers and try to work through information we find on the wiki. He has much more technical experience, whereas I think I’m a little better at looking at the big picture and figuring out workflows, so we complement each other nicely. Plus, it’s just a relief to have someone else who’s going through the same things. Another perspective is always helpful.

On Thursday I left work early enough to dash downtown and see the cherry blossoms before they were totally gone. My camera battery died halfway through, which was disappointing (because, really, if I go somewhere pretty it’s all about the pictures) but I still got a few good shots. It was a lovely day, and not too crowded. I should have gone last week while I was still unemployed, but so it goes.

Unrelated: Plane tickets to Iceland in October are cheap(ish) from DC and NY (check the KLM web site). I am seriously going to go to the Iceland Airwaves music festival, probably from Friday to Friday so I have a couple extra days to explore. I’ll be buying tickets as soon as I request (and am granted) vacation time. Let me know if you want to come too. It will be amazing.

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