You are nothing like your photo

And then, suddenly, it’s autumn. One day it’s eighty degrees; the next, I wear boots, corduroys, and a jacket as I walk to work, and still feel chilly. Building management apparently had advance warning about the seasonal switch, though: our lobby has abruptly switched from freezer-cold to oven-hot.

Life has been so full, so suddenly. It’s as though it all came together, like I was caught in a cat’s cradle and someone pulled the strings tight and I found myself borne up, contained but not confined.

— My friend Lexie and I found an apartment, and moved in in mid-August. It’s not perfect, but I love it, and the process of making a place home is one I become easily invested in. Pictures to follow at some point, once we finally unpack the last of the boxes. (It turns out that my thrift store habit has resulted in dozens of adorable tiny bowls but not that many practical things like cookie sheets or oven mitts.)
— I went up to Rosemont again, took my voice out of its box and sang for a weekend. When Mair asked me if I had a song I took a risk and chose one that I’d just learned but never really sung out loud. I knew it would be perfect for my voice, and it was. She asked me to sing it several times, that weekend, and then had me record it before I left; I need to record a better version, that isn’t mysteriously truncated.
— A lovely, lovely trip to New York that went just as I’d hoped it would. A beautiful weekend, twenty-five miles of walking, delicious food. I should be up there again at the beginning of November.
— Work has been good, and fun: my first client is almost launched, most of the way past QA, and we spent all of today laughing about a coworker’s excuse for working from home. Most days at lunch, I do the NYT crossword with a coworker. It’s like the best parts of college, but without homework.
— And I keep forgetting it, but need to remember so I can finish planning: I leave for Iceland in three weeks. Good lord.

And this is how I feel, about everything.

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