I was born on a train

Travel never seems real to me until it’s already happening. I become more and more wound up about impending trips while not actually believing they will ever arrive. So today I toss things into my “bring to Iceland” pre-packing pile and listen to artists who I’ll be seeing at Airwaves without any sort of understanding that I’ll be there in two days, arriving at KeflavĂ­k at 6 AM local time, alone in a new country.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. I have a list of twenty artists I plan to see, venue capacities permitting, and a carefully-planned-out schedule. I’ve booked some tours to get a sense of the countryside before the musical festival starts (it turned out to make as much sense as trying to travel on my own, and will be much easier to just show up rather than worrying about bus schedules). I have cold-weather gear to pack, even though Reykjavik, according to the forecast, won’t even be getting below freezing. I’ll be staying at the same hostel in town the whole time, and taking day trips. As trips go, I think it will be low-stress and high-fun.

Since clearly I won’t have seen enough music in October, anyone want to go see CSS at the 9:30 Club on October 24? I am basically obsessed with their latest album. And it’s hard to go wrong with Brazilian electropop.

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