Let me get close to you

It is a warm, grey day, and I am in a warm, grey mood (pictured at left: a warm, grey cat). The weather is unseasonably pleasant–I find myself wishing I’d worn a T-shirt as Lexie and I walk into DC and along the Potomac. We stroll in comfortable silence, not talking much. When we sit for a while on some oddly-placed benches after a scramble down a steep hill, we both find ourselves almost nodding off in the diffuse light. It is that sort of afternoon.

It’s a good thing that this coming week is a short one: despite the lazy weekend, work last week really took it out of me, and the early darkness is not helping me to stay awake and alert. Although things on that front will, as always, get worse before they get better.

I wrote that a week ago. The weather has stayed incredibly warm. Today, walking down to Theodore Roosevelt Island (which, it turns out, is less than a mile from our apartment), I found myself wishing I’d worn sandals instead of my normal lace-up shoes. In our T-shirts, we stood on the bridge waiting for the rest of our group, enjoying the sunlight and warm breeze.

Part of me thinks that winter’s cold will be an even harder blow, now that the weather has lulled us into this false sense of security for so long. But mostly, I’m just thankful for it while it lasts.

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